Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef is the one single most visited attraction by visitors to Far North Queensland. One can take a boat, plane or helicopter to the reef and view the reef by snorkelling, scuba diving or via glass bottomed boat coral viewing tours.

Just a 45 minute boat ride or 10 minute scenic flight takes you to Green Island for the day where you can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, sea walker, glass bottom boats, scuba diving and much more. There is luxury resort on the island for those wishing to stay a few days.

A 45 minute flight south of Cairns will take you to the tropical Dunk Island, which is great for families and offers great value for money packages.

The exclusive Lizard Island is also a 60 minute flight north of Cairns and caters to a more up market clientele.  

Fitzroy Island is located just 4km from the mainland of Cairns. Visit for a day and enjoy the activities or stay for a few nights at the luxury resort on the island.

Spend the day or camp overnight in the Frankland Islands, an uninhabited group of islands, which caters for a maximum number of 100 guests per day or 12 people for overnight camping.

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